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Design Your Own Stickers

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Design your own stickers by drawing on the stickers, by layering stickers, and by using the stickers as drawing prompts. This packet of five creative design-your-own sticker sheets includes:

  • Make a Flower Garden - Layer and combine colorful flower petals and centers then use as drawing prompts to create a flower garden artwork or bouquet by adding stems and leaves or other hand-drawn images.
  • Draw the Faces - Draw your own facial features and expressions on the blank face stickers, then use them as drawing prompts. Add a face sticker to paper, then draw the rest of the person.
  • Add the Art to the Frames - Draw your own mini masterpieces inside the colorful picture frames.
  • Build Your Own Ice Cream Sundaes & Cones - Layer and combine colorful ice cream scoops, cones, fruit, and more to create your own ice cream sundaes and treats.
  • Decorate the Butterflies - Decorate the blank butterflies with designs, patterns, and more color to create your own unique butterflies. Add them to a flower garden (see the flower stickers!) or use them to start a new artwork.

Note: To draw on these stickers, you'll need pencils, colored pencils, or Sharpie (permanent) markers.